Project Highlights

Borealis has worked on over 250 projects involving more than 30 countries.  Our research and recommendations have contributed to the success of hundreds of environmental and social justice projects.



Photo: TJ Watt

Forest Protection

Borealis has helped to ensure the integrity of vast areas of forests around the world by providing information and strategic advice to NGOs, coalitions, First Nations, and companies.

Some of the biggest forest products companies in the world – and their customers – have shifted their practices or procurement policies, including Kimberly-Clark, Limited Brands, Staples, Disney, Nestlé, and countless others.

These shifts have led towards improved forest protection initiatives in critical ecosystems around the world, including Canada’s boreal forest, the Great Bear Rainforest, Clayoquot Sound, and the BC Inland Temperate Rainforest; natural forests in the US Southeast and in Southeast Alaska; tropical rainforests on the island of Borneo and the Indonesian island of Sumatra; the Amazon basin; and Amur tiger habitat in the Russian Far East.


Photo: Greenpeace

Fossil Fuels

The Canadian Tar Sands contain one of the largest oil reserves on the planet, and the most toxic and carbon-intensive crude to extract. Borealis supports the work of NGOs and governments to address this burgeoning supply of dirty oil.

Borealis also works on projects that address coal exports from North America, Arctic oil exploration, oil pipelines, U.S. oil refinery feedstock and emissions, and U.S. crude oil imports.


Photo: Greenpeace

Other Issue Areas

We regularly – and successfully – apply our expertise and creative thinking to other issue areas as needs and opportunities arise. Our team has direct experience in researching:

  • Human rights
  • Seafood and sustainable fisheries
  • Palm oil
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Illegal logging
  • Mining
  • F-gases
  • Rayon
  • Toxic emissions, electronic waste and other forms of pollution